5 reasons to start your book club: From the series, Inspiring Movies.

October is the National Reading Book Club Month. And who doesn’t love a book club? On this #flashbackfriday, we will give you five excellent reasons to start your book club today!

Book clubs promote a love of literature in a positive, nurturing environment. Be them for your teenage children or your mother-in-law; they help communities in different ways:

They help bring the community together 

Starting a book club can make you meet new people (not just the fictional type) but real people. Nowadays, most people see reading as a solitary task – but you know it wasn’t always like that? In the past, when books and candles were a costly commodity, people got together to read. Book clubs revive this community and social meaning of reading.

Encourage critical thinking

Having a place in which you can discuss important issues for our lives in society can be a great way to grow as people. A book club is a great place to engage in healthy critical conversations about important topics such as racism, religious intolerance, and feminism.

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Everybody will have the opportunity to read more books

Yes, book clubs are all about reading and diversify the types of readings we encounter. Suppose each person in a book club will have the opportunity to suggest a reading title – according to their taste. You can read dozens of books that not necessarily would be your first choice in a year, but will get you in touch with other literary production.

You can help local businesses by buying books and promoting reading

Book clubs will allow you to support your local businesses, be them libraries, bookshops, coffee shops (where you can meet to discuss the books), among others. All this without spending lots of money, since book clubs are a very inexpensive social activity.

It’s simply fun

Reading is fun! There – I’ve said it. If you don’t like reading, chances are you just haven’t found the type of book you like. Once you do it, I’m sure you will agree that there’s nothing better than to lose yourself in a good book. And the best of all is that book clubs can help you find out which type of book best suits you.

Two great movies that bring book clubs into their themes are

“The Jane Austen Book Club” and “The Book Club.” The first movie is a fantastic romantic comedy that will make you want to read all the seven books written by Jane Austen. The second movie, “The Book Club,” tells the story of four friends who keep a bond through a book club that goes on for decades.

These movies are so adorable, and they show the power books have to connect people, make them rethink their choices, and even find a solution for their problems! Books have the power to heal – and these movies show that beautifully!

Join a book club today and enjoy the magic of the world of literature!

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