5 tips to start writing your book today: Series Writing tips

Our tip today will help you start writing your book once and for all! Believe us, writing is not difficult, but like every skill, it requires practice. Imagine that to participate in a cycling competition, you need to have a bike and ride every day. The same thing applies to writing. To write well, you need practice.

ONE – let your “writer-self” guide you to an idea that is worth writing. Many times, you need to believe that the idea is worth it. Sometimes just knowing how and where to start telling our story will determine the rest. Believe and trust your “inner” writer.

TWO – then put the author in charge, and make basic decisions like: genre (fiction or non-fiction) and the central theme of your work. If you are going to write non-fiction, think about the pain that you can help your reader solve. If you are going to write fiction, it is important to decide your protagonist and the antagonist. Make a nice personality list and leave nothing out. Start with the physical characteristics and even think about the puppy they had in childhood and how they felt when the puppy died.

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THREE – Don’t want to be tied to a genre? Just mix your own story with made-up stories. “Who tells a tale adds a tail” – says the proverb and this can be your greatest differential. Explore your story a little, create some scenes and have fun. Then think about the timeline for your book.

FOUR – Edit. And believe us: you will edit a lot. A lot. From a first draft will come a second draft, a third draft, etc. Stephen King already said that all writing is rewriting and he is right. Your first draft is a milestone in your life, but it probably won’t be the printed version of your book. Other versions will come until you are satisfied with the result.

FIVE – Let it go. One day you will have to let go. Because I guarantee you that you will never think that it is finished. There is a time to let a reviewer do this for you.

At this time, or any time you feel the need, comes be Livr(a). We have a specialized team to assist you in every step of the process of creating and publishing your book.

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