First time in the theatre in London

I had been living in London for a year when I heard Gillian Anderson would be playing Nora Vaughan in A Doll’s House. The news came to me from a friend who loves Gillian Anderson with all her heart!

A bit of context: Gillian Anderson is the redheaded FBI agent, Dana Scully, who for years worked with Fox Molder, unraveling mysteries in The X-Files. Today she is  Jean Milburn, Otis’ mother in Sex Education, and will also play Margaret Thatcher in the new season of The Queen (I can’t wait).

My friend was living in the USA at the time, and she sent me two tickets to go to the play in London for her! That’s how much she’s a fan of this woman!

I thought I had to do something for her! I have to get Gillian Anderson’s autograph! So at the end of the play, I dragged my friend to the theatre’s backdoor, and there we stood in the middle of a crowd, waiting for the actress to appear. And when she showed up, I couldn’t miss the chance! While she was giving me an autograph, I filmed her and said

“Gillian, my friend, Danielle, she lives in the United States, and she’s a great fan of yours. Can you say hello to her?”

And Gillian Anderson said: “Say hello to her? On that?” Pointing towards my camera.

“On yeah,” I said, barely keeping my cool.

“Hi Danielle,” she said, with a small wave.

“Thank you, she’ll be very pleased.” and what happened next was an excited scream from my part.

This crazy night out became a famous video among Gillian Anderson’s fans on Youtube. The kind of thing we only do for our greatest friends.