Ever since we understood ourselves to be human, we’ve been telling stories! And what’s a good story without a good staging? Drama is in our blood, in our DNA! There’ s no way out of it!

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We staged the stories before we put them on paper. In Ancient Times, a play was used to teach people the basics of hygiene or why you can’t sleep with your mother or father.

We have three basic types of drama. Comedy, tragedy, and tragicomedy. Shakespeare is one of the main theatrical references in the world, and he wrote a bit of everything, including historical plays like Richard III and Henry VI, considered one of his masterpieces.

Comedy wasn’t necessarily funny. Those plays were called that because they ended in a nice way. That means nobody died. It’s the case of Much Ado About Nothing and Mid-Summer Night’s Dreams. They also usually have a wedding at the end. The classic happy ending.

Tragedy says it all – they were tragic. Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, among others, are classic pieces of tragedy. And noticed that the tragedies of Shakespeare are better known than his comedies… I think we like sad stories because they have something more meaningful to teach us.

Tragicomedy, as you can imagine, unites the elements of both. It’s usually a play that involves serious elements but has a happy ending. And of course, Shakespeare wrote a bit of it too – The merchant of Venice and The Tempest are some of them.

Today, we can say that Broadway is the new Shakespeare Globe Theatre and musicals are our new tragicomedies. Yes? No? Who doesn’t love a good musical? Anyway, you can tell that drama is in our veins, can’t you? Without it, we wouldn’t have the cinema

Nothing like good old-fashioned drama staged beautifully!