From idea to publication Episode 5: Getting published?

In the last four episodes of this series, “From idea to publication,” we have talked about facing our fears, having a place to write, the importance of outlining and drafting. Now we are going to get down to the business of publication.

Do you know how many books are published each year worldwide? It is estimated that over 2 million new titles are published worldwide each year. Okay, we know this is a scary number – but we are in the golden age of publication! This was only possible with the age of self-publishing. It is amazing, and also terrifying that so many titles come out each year. Where is your book in all that?

One thing to keep in mind is that, although this is alarming, the number of readers has also increased. More people are reading – and now your only worry should be to make those readers find your book.

This post will help you start thinking of publication as a strategy, so your book won’t get lost in the ocean of new titles that come out every year.

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Have a clear idea of where you want to go with your book

What is your goal? Do you want to be as famous as J. K. Rowling or you just want to have a copy of your book on your desk? Are you quitting your day job to become a writer? You need to establish your goal and what success means to you.

Determine your audience

Who is going to read your book, and how are you going to find these people? Do you write books with motherhood tips, then you should be investing in getting mothers to read it. Are you writing a fantasy filled with dragons and princesses, then find your readers! A lot of sales success depends on how well you define your book and your ability to make readers find them.

Get involved in the production of your book

Do you know how many people buy books just because of the title and cover art? These details make a whole lot of difference. Envision what you want your book to be and go for it. Have a cover that calls your reader’s attention – this is very important. Get involved in the production of covers, typeface, blurbs, etc. All are important when it comes to the final preparations.

Find good professionals to revise, edit, and design your book

The draft you just concluded is called a manuscript, and you should self-edit, revise, and then get a professional revision. Do not think you can do this by yourself! Even with professional editing, books still present errors – without them, it will be even worse! Readers will appreciate a well-edited book. There’s nothing worse than reading a book full of mistakes.

The layout design is also an essential step before publishing. If you’re writing a children’s book, for instance, you must have pictures and a colorful design to call their attention.

Come be Livr(a)

The publication can be an overwhelming step. Livr(a) can help you in all publication stages, offering the best professional editings, layout designers, and illustrators. Contrary to many self-publishing agencies, we won’t keep your royalties – our goal is to empower you economically! Come be Livr(a), get your book published!

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