How it all began – “Through the yellow brick road” by Luh Mezzari

From a very young age, I remember several questions popping up in my head about why things are in a certain way. I kept thinking things like: Why are things the way they are? Who determined it should be that way? Would it be wrong if someone did it differently?

I often felt out of the place in my life. And this feeling of not belonging made me wander through different tribes in search of my true self.

I began to do theater at the age of 12, I liked to write, and I did well in the subjects that demanded to create stories, essays and even wrote for the school newspaper column. Because both activities were sources of immense pleasure, I thought about studying journalism and performing arts.

Both professions were not well accepted in my family. Arts was not a profession, and, in that time, we didn’t have a journalism school in my city, which was a hindrance since my father was very authoritarian and conservative. I decided that I would study odontology and of course it didn’t work out because it had nothing to do with me, the choice was based on what people expected of me. During this time, I even studied Law. I ended up graduating in Marketing.

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But my heart always hung to the arts, to psychology and spirituality. In the search for what I wanted to do with life, I immersed myself in free studies about how the mind works, what effects our feelings have on our health, and how much they influence the realization of our deepest dreams and can lead us to failure if they do not have good seed. That was a road with no return. I never stopped searching in parallel my other activities for the answers that I know today were all here with me, within the being I learned to silence to listen.

At the end of the day I can’t say that it wasn’t worth all the turns I took to get to the treasure I was looking for. In my wanderings I was like Dorothy of the “Wizard of Oz” who in her search for what would take her back home, through the yellow brick road, was enjoying adventures in the company of the different friends she would never know were it not for the adversity that struck her.

In the story of my life, my tornado was the thirst to live and to explore the world. It was what made me have the courage to leave Cascavel, in the interior of Paraná to live in Minas Gerais in a bigger city, which instigated me to spend a season in Europe and later settle in dear São Paulo, where I took drama classes, studied cinema, watched all the musicals possible and met consecrated people in the world of arts.

I got drunk of all the culture that my real being asked so much to realize that my house was inside me all the time. And that yes, I needed to make all this journey to collect the necessary experience to speak with some authority today when it comes to human relations, well-being, self-knowledge, spirituality, and energy.

Today I live in the United States with my husband and our 9-year-old daughter.

I live in a place surrounded by dazzling nature that inspires me and connects me with a universe of possibilities.  Another new beginning for my collection. Establishing new connections, friendly and professional relationships and not by chance, in the need to reinvent myself, I remained in the search and here I decided to dedicate myself professionally to my real purpose.

For this I am in the development phase of my blog where I intend to present tools to other women who seek to find themselves and create beyond the reality that was presented to them. Women who want to contribute to the empowerment of other women with their knowledge and of course, dive deeper and deeper into the search for genuine happiness that actually already inhabits us but that we cannot access due to the amount of mental and sentimental waste to which we expose our minds and bodies.

I believe I can contribute to the growth of this spectacular wave where there are no competitors but collaborators who urge each other to discover the best version of themselves.

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