How It All Started By Michele Hacke

“The best of the human, with the best of technology” – This phrase by Ligia Zotini has become my mantra. This is my way of understanding who I am as a daughter, sister, friend, runner, culinary alchemist, entrepreneur, manager, saleswoman, designer, consultant, lecturer, leader, Woman of Brazil, iamtheCODE volunteer, Converta Mais partner, Businessfulness Founder, woman! And today I am here to share some of this with you.

I am a resident of São Paulo, partner of a B2B digital marketing agency, consultant specialized in humanized strategies such as the Businessfulness methodology – which focuses on enlightening the human being in the corporate environment through the awareness of purpose! I am also the leader of the Digital World Committee of the Women of Brazil Group, a supporter of the global foundation of iamtheCODE – all movements focused on women’s empowerment through the pillars of technology and innovation.

But do you think I have planned this path?

At the height of my 39 years of age, I recognize and appreciate the privileges that life has given me and that have created this awareness that I have today.

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On my journey here, the hunger for knowledge and curiosity to understand what drives life and business have brought me a passion for people and technology. And as magic, it has created a collaborative feeling to value each element of our enormous ecosystem of society.

We make choices every day when we decide not to pay attention to the thoughts of “I won’t make it”, “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t know so much” or “I don’t have enough time”. I’ve learned to observe these mind vices for years while hearing that “this is not a place for women”.

I looked for groups of women who liked to talk about technology and innovation and who had similar motivations to mine, to understand about their purposes and how this was transferred to their business. That’s when I found the group Women of Brazil and discovered that I had a group called Science, Technology and Innovation and started to participate in the meetings.

Following the group’s premise of not reinventing the wheel, we began a new partnership with the global movement iamtheCODE.

I fell in love with the impact that the movement brings to the lives of girls in vulnerability through technology, so I started to be part of another institution. The development by empowering technology for girls to learn to program and demystify the sense that the exact areas are “too difficult” for women, is a great challenge that I identify with and want to help change!

I believe so much in women’s protagonism and in the importance of assuming our stories as a legacy for a better world!

So I take with me the teaching, “The best of the human, with the best of technology”. And female sorority to make it happen.

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