How to improve your creativity? Series Writing Tips

Have you ever had the impression that the source of inspiration dried up? What should we do in these moments? Our #tiptuesday is all about creativity today!

Do you know how the dictionary defines creativity? It says it’s the “state or quality of being creative, the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretation.”

In simple terms, when we are creative, we are able to see beyond what is physical and happening before our eyes and, with our originality and imagination, create something new.

More than anything, creativity is an ability, a skill. Yes, you heard it right – it’s an ability like riding a bike or even writing. And like any other skill, it can be improved.

We know that for us, writers, creativity is essential. Today we will give you FOUR tips to help you work on your creativity.

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ONE – Reinterpret what you already have. Do you know that text you wrote fifteen years ago that is thrown somewhere on your computer’s hard drive or even that idea of a story that you found cliché? Yes, reinterpret it, rethink it, try other ways, new perspectives. Many stories are born from a simple “what if?” One of them was “50 shades of Grey” – which came to be as the writer was reading Twilight. The next great “what if” story could be yours!

TWO – Find out about different topics. Watch TED Talks, listen to podcasts, music, read books outside your comfort zone. Let your imagination flow through places you’ve never sailed before. Be always open and connected with the news. Several stories emerge from the news, including Toni Morrison’s most acclaimed novel, “Beloved.”

THREE – Make lists. Observe things around you, the objects in your house, and make unusual lists. Draw, make collages, play with your kids’ play-dough. Have you ever thought of writing a story about a chandelier? Because the acclaimed Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector wrote one! Why can’t you write about playing with your children?

FOUR – Creativity is all about keeping track of your thoughts. If you have an idea, make a note of that. Several writers carry notebooks around or have hundreds of notes in their phones. You don’t want to lose that great idea just because you are on the line in the bank, right? Take note of everything!

So be Creative and Come be Livr(a)

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