I woke up all horny. We had been away for over ten days, and I planned to torture him as much as possible.

I looked at my phone, and there was a text from him: “I dreamt I’d fuck you standing up.”

A simple message, because provocations at WhatsApp was something we used to do. Even though it wasn’t as spicy as the others, that line sounded like: IF YOU’RE HOT I’M HOTTER!

Nympho as I am, I didn’t think twice, and I asked where he was. He answered, saying he was still at home, and immediately I made a video call: “If you’re ready, I’m bashing the bishop just for you!”

The horniness was so intense that I didn’t take two minutes, picturing the hottest, most dangerous things we’ve ever done, and I came as he watched, madly wanting to be there with me.

Before we hung up, we agreed to meet later that week before my birthday.

We had spectacular sex. And even though I was satisfied, I spent the day thinking of him.

In the middle of the afternoon, he sent me another text: “I must fuck you today. I’m losing it. Can I?”

Just reading the message made my breathing stop!

I asked, “What time?

He replied, “6:30. Where do I pick you up?”

“At the Mall,” I answered.

That man knew how to fuck me better than anybody. He was waiting for me with a huge boner! He got in my car ready to go.

We stopped at the first motel, and we only had an hour. But it was enough for three massive orgasms.

He mounted me doggy style… then we did a ’69 and an anal just the way he likes it.

And I was going out of my mind!

I wish we wouldn’t stop… but it came to an end, both of us exhausted and satisfied.

That weekend was my birthday, and I went to a club with my friends to celebrate.

After I danced and had a lot of fun, he came closer, and without being invited, he took my arm by surprise and said: “Come on, I’ll screw you standing up, just like in my dream.”

I froze.

He dragged me to a wall near the handicap bathroom and pressed his body against mine with lust, giving me a love bite on my neck.

He pulled me into the nightclub bathroom, and all I could think was, “What a birthday present!”

He humped me hard, and before I came, he went down on me till I was screaming and raving with pleasure. Now without strength, he turned me around, leaned on the sink, and fucked me even more eagerly, and he came while biting my neck.

What a crazy and exciting night!

I was disoriented with pleasure.

It was his dream, but I won the prize.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “What about the nightclub people?”

Honestly, I can’t remember!

By Juliana Mattos

Owner of @sexydeliciaoficial brand – The store that inspired the film “De pernas pro ar”