Interview with Paula Brukmüller – By Ane Costa

Paula Brukmüller is a writer and journalist with 10 years of experience. After her trip around the world, she joined Startup Livr(a) as a partner and CCO, where she found her purpose in helping other women tell their stories. Currently, she takes care of the erotic literature department of the publisher. In her spare time, Paula researches routes to unknown places and plans more and more trips.

Check out the interview with this inspiring woman to celebrate the anniversary of the publication of her first book, “Flowers from Greece”.

1- How long did it take to write your book? What were your biggest challenges?

Since I started writing the first paragraphs when I was in Thailand, my book took a year to be published. My biggest challenge was to create a routine to overcome procrastination.

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2- Did you have reservations about publishing? What were they? How did you overcome them?

The biggest fear I had was the fear of being judged by readers, especially by the people in my family. It was even this fear that led me to procrastinate. Whenever I started to write something more intimate I would leave the writing aside for several days. I overcame this in a coach process. When I became aware that it was this fear that made me postpone the delivery of the book, I looked at it in a more rational way. In fact, I was afraid of the projection I made on how people would judge my book. When I accepted that I simply can’t control the judgment of each person, then I relaxed and everything started to flow. The purpose of helping someone with my story became more important than any criticism I could receive.

3 – What has changed in your life after the publication?

I can’t explain it exactly. The writing and publishing process has taught me that I can accomplish any dream I want. It gave me even more sense of capacity and strength, attributes that I had already been conquering since I decided to travel around the world. The book “Flowers from Greece” was like another message from the universe saying that I can do anything I want if I just put my energy into it.

4- What are your future plans? Can we expect more books?

I thought the second book would come very quickly, but it has been an interesting process of self-knowledge as well. I have millions of ideas for the next book and ideas for other projects, all very exciting, but I can’t decide on one of them and end up stuck in another cycle of non-fulfillment. I am working on this characteristic of my personality and soon I will have news. But there will be other books, for sure. Writing is my passion.

5- What would you say to the reader who will start reading your book?

Allow yourself to embark on a journey into yourself. I don’t want you to repeat the same steps I took throughout my transformation process, I want to inspire you to discover your own path.

“Flowers from Greece” is available for purchase at

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