Episode 1

With only five minutes left to end the worst day of the century, my mind was heavy as I stared fixedly at the exit door. I watched images of my past forming like a horror movie played in slow motion. I had made my decision. Without hesitating one more second, I rose from my seat. My journey would start right now. Clearing my throat, I spoke to the people in cubicles before me.

“Dear friends, today will be my last day in this cubicle. After five years stuck in this company, with no future, I’ve decided to be free some place where I can be the mistress of my own destiny. Tchau!”

With only a pivot in my step, one foot in front of the other I found myself in the parking lot where a tsunami of panic drowned me and I almost fainted inches away from the boiling asphalt. He appeared like an arctic wind, lifting me in his arms like a Greek warrior. In the dimming light of the setting sun, his eyes glistened like precious emeralds, dark hair, wet, bronzed skin with traces of a well lived story. I wanted to know everything and say nothing in that moment. He interrupted my fantasy with a vibrato voice that sounded like a cello in a symphony orchestra.

“You need to sit in the shade and drink some water, come with me.”

This man, this God, was rescuing me and all I could think about was the taste of his lips that were pacifying me in seconds. My breasts were alert to the touch of the hands holding my back, the fingers entwined in my caramelized hair tinted by the evening sunlight. I couldn’t resist. I kissed this stranger between parked cars as if it was oxygen I needed to breathe. My tongue tasting all his masculine essence, searching for the way to the fountain of youth. I kissed without permission, without thinking, without fear, without limits. He never disconnected from my gaze, from my urgency, from my desire. I felt my body being pressed against hi, the heat like an erupting volcano transformed me. I stopped. Our eyes told everything.

“For…Forgive me, I don’t know…”. I tried to explain but he continued.

“Never ask forgiveness of anyone! Do you want to com with me? If not, I can take you wherever necessary.”

All the control I possessed, left me and all I needed was present in that exact moment. Holding the hand of stranger, I began my journey as the mistress of destiny. It is suffocating getting in a car when your mouth is exploring parts of a strange man’s body for the first time. Every inch feels like an amusement park ride. Incredible sensations with every touch, every lick, every bite. I needed to maintain my composure for at least a few minutes until we arrived at the hotel.

“I think now would be a good time to tell you my name. I wasn’t expecting to almost faint in a parking lot and find…”

It was hard to breathe, speaking was close to miraculous but I persevered.

“My name is ______”

To Be Continued

By Roberta Stone