Let’s go on talking about literary genres. Today, the narrative style. Prose. Whatever you want to call it.

First things first, the narrative genre gotta be the biggest one of all, so we’re going to need two #tiptuesdays to talk about it. This week, we’ll focus on nonfiction.

Nonfiction englobes everything from journalistic articles to autobiographies. In a sense, it is everything that is not fiction – that is, that is not invented. Of course, we can always discuss if a nonfiction book is indeed “telling us the whole truth.” After all, truth is a matter of perspective. But the amazing thing about nonfiction is how we can get in touch with people’s inner truths and learn with their trajectories. Nonfiction literature helps us see the world through other people’s eyes.

There mainly two types of nonfiction: literary and informative.

In literary nonfiction, the feeling is close to fiction, but the events really happened. There are characters, settings, plot – but these are all real people, real places, real events. Take Michelle Obama’s amazing biography for instance. There’s a story being told, but we know the events are all true.

In informative nonfiction, we might not have characters, setting, and plot. What we have instead is the explanation of a concept or situation. Take Liquid Love – this amazing book by Zygmunt Bauman. It is all about explaining what love is – and it’s brilliant! Everybody should read this book!

We at Livr(a) have our own literary and informative nonfiction we are proud of. Paula Brukmuller’s book Flowers from Greece is an amazing example of literary nonfiction, in which Paula gets us by the hand and takes us around the world, in an intimate conversation about self-love and self-discovery. Alexandra Vidal’s I went to be Livr(a), is an example of informative fiction, in which she explores what it means to find purpose and make it happen, using her own story as a guide to inspire other women.

We believe that every woman has a story ready to be told. Why not start writing your story today?