Peeling a Pineapple – Ana Beatriz Oliveira

Behind a beautiful contagious smile, there was also a smile of fear that Luisa tried to hide.

Luisa, a woman who had just separated, two children and an inspiring faith! With great adversity during her walk, she enjoyed a unique ability to reinvent herself and move forward even in the midst of so many tests. In her failed marriage, she developed an extreme dependence on her spouse that not even a pineapple she could peel herself for fear of hurting her hands, which were not even that thin…

Her daily life was a mixture of fear, a lot of fear and the will to reinvent herself. She was always a dreamer, she dreamed loudly, very loudly, she just didn’t know how to put her dreams into practice. Oh, the fear… always the fear.

After some time separated, her main aspiration was to forget what was left behind and try to reach what was ahead. But how? She was afraid of everything!

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So she decided to move forward in her life. She had really understood that she couldn’t do anything about what she had gone through, but there was inside her a giant dream of being reborn. Inside her, there was the desire to produce and to experience the successful future that was at her disposal.

In her search for knowledge, spiritual and psychological help, she learned that in order to overcome this fear that paralyzed her, it was necessary to start challenging herself for the simplest, and then try the most complex. Suddenly, a click in her mind! The pineapple! Of course, the so “scary” pineapple! Yes! She would start by challenging herself to peel the “fearful and thorny” pineapple!

She changed her clothes and ran to the market near her house to buy one. She was determined to choose the biggest pineapple in that market. She bought it, ran home, grabbed a knife and confronted it!

At that moment, flashes passed in her mind and reminded her how many times she had quit eating a pineapple, the fruit she loved so much, out of fear. At that moment, she realized that the time had come to start again with the pineapple!

In the course of peeling the pineapple, the fear of cutting herself came;

The fear of being “alone” came too; the fear of no longer having a husband to look after her also came; but if she stopped there, without finishing, she would never advance to the next step! She knew that! She went all the way, with determination and courage! She successfully completed her first challenge!

She laughed, laughed and laughed after that, feeling like the most powerful woman in the world! Yes, a brave and determined woman! Luisa’s faith at that moment was to peel a pineapple.

After that challenge, Luisa felt that she had generated in her a courage to challenge herself with something bigger. Luisa then always challenged herself and when fear came, the taste of that unforgettable pineapple sprang up in her mouth and courage took over her mind! Day after day, challenge after challenge. From simple to complex, with courage, focus and determination, she carried on!

Fear ruled Luisa for a long time, but the wonderful power of her mind cried out loud:

I have a purpose! I will never stop!


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