Who can stop a fearless dreamer? Celebrating life and success.

I confess that I was extremely impacted by the classic blockbuster “Going on 30”, and as much as the main character, I repeated along the years, as a motto the phrase: “30 – the age of success”.

So much I believed in it, that I made my future. Today I live one of the most exciting stages of my life. And I know that the best is yet to come.

Yesterday was my 38th birthday, and that was the day I managed to set up my bookshelf with the books I wrote in my office. Six beautiful printed titles, and one of them is already a best-seller.

It was a gift I idealized and gave to myself, because in life, much more than expecting to be given by those around us, we must always exercise self care and self love.

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In addition to my birthday, I also celebrated a year of launching my second book “I went to be Livr(a)”, while following the editorial process of its sequence “I went to be Ric(a)”, which will be released next month.

I also have a new novel in the oven, a post-Pandemic dystopic future, and my classic annual Christmas book.

Whew! Who can stop a fearless dreamer?


That’s why I tell you, dear readers of the blog Livr(a): don’t let anything or anyone stop your shameless dreams.

Advance boldly, overcome your fears and especially your self-judgment.

It won’t be an easy or linear journey, and it may even take a while. But it is necessary to take a first step, and follow without unfair comparisons with other people.

We are singular, and it is exactly in this singularity that inhabits the beauty of existing.

September is my month. The period of the year in which I dazzle myself with the Yellow Ipe trees that ornate the streets and roads with the sunlight of their flowers. And that’s why I’m going to finish this article with a quote that I love by Rubem Alves:

“…I am not afraid of death. What I feel is sadness. The world is very beautiful! I’d like to stay here… Writing is my way of staying here. Each text is a seed. After I go, they will stay. Maybe they will turn into trees! I hope they’ll be yellow-ipes…”

Plant words. They will outlive you.

With affection and gratitude,

Alexandra Vidal

Best-selling writer, CEO & founder of Editora Livr(a).

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