What’s your earliest memory of writing? That’s the question I made on my profile @autoescritora as soon as I released it.

The girl in the picture is me, Alexandra Vidal, here in Belo Horizonte, at seven.

I’ve enjoyed writing since I came to understand myself as a person, in my oldest memories since literacy.

Unfortunately, the road to assuming myself as a WRITER with pride and ownership was hard, often lonely, and time-consuming.

Approximately thirty years separate me from the spark and the blazing fire.

And although I already have a lot of know-how as a writer, with dozens of articles published, having completed several courses, studied a lot, and had finished three books, I still haven’t been able to make a living from writing only.

Yet. I repeat, yet.

I decided to take full responsibility for my “being a writer”, and as an author and protagonist of my own destiny, to follow a new path to achieve my goals.

I created the @autoescritora to share with you everything I know and everything I learned until I achieve the pleasure of saying: “I live to write. And I write to live”.

From this seed Livr(a) was born. And here we are, making it happen.

How about you? When did your passion for writing begin? What’s missing for you to assume yourself as a writer? Do you find it impossible to live (profit) from writing only?

We at Livr(a) want to help you answer these and all the other questions that we find on this journey.

Shall we go together?